URSA Flight Test

Mavericks & University of Maine Engineering Students Successfully Complete URSA Mission

The Delta-P team from the University of Maine prepared more than a year for the URSA Mission. “From an engineering point of view there were a lot of things that worked well,” said Luke Saindon, the student lead on the project. “The airframe flew straight and true. We had our procedures figured out and we knew how to work together as a team --not getting too snippy with each other most of the time. That was very successful, so I think we have a good template for how to go about building and designing the next vehicle.” Learn more…


Mavericks KQED QUEST Documentary On Rocketry & Civilian Space Exploration Wins Emmy Award

KQED QUEST Emmy Award Winning Documentary features Maverick's Tom Atchison and Steve Jurvetson, in an exciting documentary about amateur rocketry and civilian space exploration as a platform upon which to engage the next generation in STEM education and space exploration activities in the classroom. Many of the Mavericks members are featured working with students at the Mavericks Space Education Research Centers, along with model, hobby, and experimental rocket groups

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MavSAT Sub-orbital Research Mission

May 7th, 2013

phonesat orbit

While NASA and a number of new venture funded start-ups are moving forward in commercializing PhoneSAT spacecraft technology, Mavericks has developed its own version of the PhoneSAT as a reference design for open-source licensing and use by middle schools, high schools, and university students and civilians to begin building and operating their own spacecraft. Named the MavSAT, and given a broader mission capability that just orbital flight operations, the MavSAT 1.0 will be test flown on a Beagle IV sounding rocket in this current mission, in a similar operation shown in the video from 2010, as a test of the MavSAT vehicle....Learn more...

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