Mavericks’ Space Shots – 2015

Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group’s World Record Breaking Space Shot

Mavericks and the Boston University Propulsion Group need your support to launch this vehicle. The Starscraper is the fifth hybrid rocket designed and manufactured by the Boston University Rocket Propulsion Group. The Mk. V, Starscraper’s hybrid motor, is the culmination of three years of research and development by the BURPG team. Mavericks has been mentoring the BURPG Team and will be facilitating Starscraper’s inaugural launch currently scheduled for July of 2015 out of Black Rock Desert, Nevada, where they will attempt to break 5 world records:

1. Highest Altitude For Amateur Collegiate Rocket
2. First Undergraduate Student Designed Amateur Rocket To Reach Space
3. First Hybrid Rocket Ever To Reach Space From Ground Launch
4. First Actively Guided Amateur Collegiate Rocket To Reach Space
5. First Amateur Collegiate Rocket With Active Thrust Vector Control (Non-aerodynamically Stabilized: No Fins) To Reach Space


The ASTRO team just successfully completed the final flight demonstration of the active guidance system test for Starscaper.

Watch the successful flight video of the first actively guided amateur collegiate rocket….

Support the Starscraper launch with a donation below towards this important world record breaking flight attempt and join Mavericks, Boston University, and the Starscraper Team to complete this mission.