Valley Christian High School Successfully Completes Explorers Program & Mercury Mission

This 2013-14 School Year is AMSE’s 1st year to offer a Rocketry Engineering Program as supplemental part of its Project-Lead-the-Way Aerospace Engineering Class, in partnership with Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation and their Explorers Sub-orbital Space Exploration Program.

The Rocketry Development Program is derived from the Mavericks’ Explorers program, and provides students the opportunity to design, build, and test rockets that will be launched to altitudes to approximately 10,000 ft for flight qualification, and conduct sub-orbital missions to around 50,000ft over the summer.


Mavericks KQED QUEST Documentary On Rocketry & Civilian Space Exploration Wins Emmy Award

KQED QUEST Emmy Award Winning Documentary features Maverick's Tom Atchison and Steve Jurvetson, in an exciting documentary about amateur rocketry and civilian space exploration as a platform upon which to engage the next generation in STEM education and space exploration activities in the classroom. Many of the Mavericks members are featured working with students at the Mavericks Space Education Research Centers, along with model, hobby, and experimental rocket groups